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Windows on Conversions: Noble High School, North Berwick, ME

At the side of a narrow two-lane ribbon of road in southern Maine, a low-slung sign marks the entrance to Noble High School. The school itself stands at the end of a long, curving asphalt driveway surrounded by woods on either side. Each year, the school buses that roll along this stretch of road and driveway collectively travel 1.3 million miles. They carry students between home and school across a wide, rural swath of the state.

Along the driveway, beyond a thicket of pine trees, a set of green wooden bleachers surrounds a modest but well-kept football field. Past the field the driveway circles a small parking lot. Visitors will find themselves in front of an immaculate and modern two-story structure of wood, brick and glass. Two prominent features face the front lot: a clock tower with silent hands that dutifully track time and Noble’s mascot, a medieval knight astride a galloping horse. These are the totems of an iconic American high school.

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